There is no single national framework setting out the requirements for obtaining National Criminal History Checks. Throughout Australia, each state and territory have their own policies and procedures in accordance with certain industry requirements and it is necessary to fulfill these requirements in the jurisdiction(s) in which you are working.

Many industries have introduced legislative requirements in providing prior criminal history checks, or are working towards such legislation.  Police Checks identify and release certain criminal history information relating to successful convictions from court, or pending court proceedings. There are however, certain limitations on some information that a National Criminal History check can provide.  This includes the non-disclosure of information if a prior conviction is older than 10 years.

The development and implementation of policy and legislation that provides for the pre-employment screening of adults who work or volunteer in child-related organisations is an important strategy for creating and maintaining child-safe organisations.  Each day, children across Australia come into contact with a variety of organisations such as schools, childcare centers, medical centres, and sports and recreation clubs.

Majority of larger companies are familiar with outplacement services.  However, for those smaller companies who are unfamiliar with the concept, outplacement services is the effective method for the smooth transition of employees from a company or organisation affected by a layoff.  Outplacement services can assist with employee counseling and career guidance.  Such services can also provide resume writing, assistance with job placement and more.

Outplacement Services is a effective program designed to be fully customisable and practical with the aim of taking care of the needs of each individual and company.  Outplacement Services are either delivered through individual sessions or in small groups.

In 2009, the Fair Work Act became effective nationally, to oversee the new workplace relations system to ensure that employees and employers were covered by the scheme.  Fair Work Australia is the national work place relations tribunal.  It is an independent body that is independent to business, government and unions.  Fair Work Australia focus on providing free services and assistance to employers and employees in accordance with the Fair Work Act.

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