Although most blogs focus on resume writing and career advice, in this post we’ll address a different issue. However, today’s topic, how to maintain a healthy work and lifestyle balance, is well timed as we near the Christmas holiday season. This is a time when we reflect on the last year and what 2016 will hold for each of us.

No matter how important career is and no matter how much you’d like to land that dream job, you won’t be satisfied with results unless you remember to relax in your free time and recharge your batteries.

Looking for a job all the time?
Job hunting (especially when you haven’t left your current job yet) can be very demanding and stressful. You may feel more productive if you don’t take time to relax at all, but at some point you’ll become tired and frustrated by everyday life.

You don’t need to maintain work-life balance just to be happy while indulging in life’s simple pleasures; you also need rest in order to maintain production capability and be effective at work.

The goose that laid the golden eggs

There’s an old fable which tells the story of a poor man who found a goose that laid golden eggs. Every day the goose would produce an egg and soon the poor man became extremely rich. So he decided to kill the goose in the hope of finding gold within. But when he did so, he had a very unpleasant surprise – there were no golden eggs inside the goose and he had lost his wealth source.
The same thing happens with our capacity to work and produce results – if you don’t take a break at the right moment and try to squeeze as much work as possible in a short time, you end up exhausted and unable to keep working.

How to relax while looking for a new job

Even if you are in the middle of a febrile job hunting process, consider the following ideas to regain your strength:

  • Exercise regularly. Exercising keeps you energised and in good shape.
  • Schedule some fun things in your diary for the next month. Make sure you do at least one every week.
  • Create a bucket list of things that you’d like to do in your lifetime and start including them in your schedule.
  • Focus on priorities instead of trying to do as many things as possible. Don’t apply for 50 jobs, apply to 10 jobs that are really relevant to your skills and that would take your career on an upward path.
  • Remember to focus both on professional and personal priorities.
  • Develop the habit of gratitude and think every day about the good things in your life.
  • Don’t take rejection personally. It won’t do you any favours; on the contrary, it will lead to negative thoughts and determine you to make bad decisions.
  • Give up the habit of checking your email all the time and allocate set times for this activity.
  • Avoid losing financial control; spend less than you earn.

A new job should not represent your most important aim, but rather a means of fulfilling your existence. Until you secure the workplace you have in mind, make sure you enjoy every moment and remember not to neglect your personal life!