Have you made any New Year career resolutions for 2016?

If you are planning to advance your career this year, your job hunting strategy should include updating your resume. And this should not mean just brushing it up and correcting a couple of typos; we recommend you to improve it significantly and make a difference by adopting these 2016 resume trends:

2016 resume trend #1: Short sentences
Every word you write counts, and recruiters don’t have the patience to look for critical information through dozens of redundant details. Write every sentence as if it were a 140-character tweet and highlight your biggest accomplishments and main qualifications.

2016 resume trend #2: Formulas
Your resume should be a well-organised and consistent piece of content. You can achieve this by using formulas, such as S.A.R. (Situation, Action, Result).

For instance:

Situation: 45% of advertising clients were not renewing contracts.

Action: Organised training sessions for account managers in competitive selling techniques and designed a new promotional offer.

Result: Customer retention rate increased to 68%.

2016 resume trend #3: Visual
Images are processed thousands of times faster than text; an up-to-date resume should be visual so information is easy to grasp. It’s time to give up the classical document typed in Word and create a resume that looks more like an infographic – they’ll absolutely love reading it and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

2016 resume trend #4: Profit
Your potential employer thinks in terms of return on investment and is almost certainly looking to hire someone who will increase company revenue. Whenever it is possible, emphasise how your actions impacted the bottom-line profitability of previous employers.

Is getting a new job one of your 2016 resolutions? Check these 4 trends and update your resume now!