The importance of hiring a professional resume writer is to ensure that you have a quality resume as this is one of the most important career tools. Your resume is your tool to brand and advertise yourself, it is the most formal way of presenting yourself for an advertised job or even reverse marketing yourself. This is your opportunity to show an employer or recruiter that you are the best candidate for the role.

There are a few things to remember when considering a professional resume writer. Your resume is a work in progress which should be periodically revisited during your career. You must continue to modify and improve as you move forward in your chosen career.

On average, an employer or recruiter will only sight the first page of your resume and cover letter before considering if you will be shortlisted for an interview. This is not much time or space to make a good first impression. If you were selling your house, you would generally seek advice and then go ahead and list your home within a Real Estate agent to sell your property. So, why would you work for hours on your resume when you can seek assist from a professional resume writing expert to assist you in getting the job that you desire?

The most common mis-conception when seeking a professional resume writer is that resume writers are experts in every field. Many resume writers have experience in human resources and the recruitment industry. This experience provides a good understanding about what happens during the screening and recruitment of suitable roles. It is not humanly possible to have worked in every field and then follow a career path as a professional resume writer.

A professional resume writer would most probably review thousands of job applications and can identify opportunities for Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to score accordingly. This is another reason why hiring a professional resume writer will help increase your chances of securing an interview. A well-written resume will make a lasting impression and produce results.

Resumes should be industry specific. A professional and high quality resume should be reviewed for each job application to ensure the core skills and keywords are included. If the job advertisement includes addressing key selection criteria, it is important that your application adheres to the required standards for selection criteria. i.e. STAR Method

Your professional resume should be neat and easy to read. A well organised resume should include your successful achievements for each of the positions you have held during your career. The sub headings and format of your resume should be suited to the industry or sector which you are applying for.

A well-versed and professional cover letter can also be the difference between getting a job interview or not. Cover letters should be job specific, so make the extra investment to have a professional resume writer to write your tailored professional cover letter for each individual job application you submit.

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