Write Selection Criteria

$ 50.00

Per Criterion


When asked to write selection criteria, you are being asked to describe how you meet the requirements of the job, providing examples. Your aim is to get short-listed for jobs by addressing these criterion’s and to demonstrate how your workplace skills and experiences have helped you to successfully handle key situations. If you submit poorly demonstrated criteria responses, you won’t get an interview even if your resume & cover letter are strong. The most important aspect of addressing selection criteria is to provide evidence or proof through relevant examples. At Resume Services Australia, it is our goal to provide you with all of these requirements.  If you would like us to address your selection criteria, rest assured that our selection criteria writing service comprise of experienced up-to-date professional resume and selection criteria writers. When writing any selection criteria, our experienced writers, utilise the STAR method to tailor a professional, well-structured and relevant response. Get short-listed for more jobs and let us create you a selection criteria masterpiece.

If you are not confident on how to write selection criteria, please call us today!