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Australia is one of the best choices if you plan to migrate for work to another country. In the past, Australia occupied the second place in the list of countries with most job opportunities. Australia has a strong economy (the 12th largest economy) and the Government is encouraging skilled migrants to come and work here through Australia’s General Skilled Migration Program. Despite the active support provided by the Government, there are some aspects you need to research by yourself before making the decision of moving to the 6th largest country in the world.

Relocating to Australia

The actual moving to Australia can be the toughest part for many people, especially if you don’t have friends here to assist getting through the process. If you don’t organise things in advance, you will probably have no other option but to choose the most important belongings that fit into a suitcase and start from scratch once you get to Australia. The best solution for anyone moving to Australia is removalist companies, which help you start a new life without leaving it all behind and feeling disoriented as you settle to your new home.

Being surrounded by familiar objects will make your transition to a new life smoother, but before making a list of items you want to bring with you to Australia, consider a few aspects. The first would be costs. Get quotes from various removalist companies and make sure that the expenses don’t outweigh the actual value of your belongings. You also need to think twice when it comes to electrical appliances, as Australia runs on 230V power and you may need adapters. Last, you will have to respect Australian quarantine laws, referring to food, plants and animals. Judge wisely and focus on those belongings that you really need or are irreplaceable. Selling some of them before moving can be a good alternative if you want to limit the number of items you will be taking with you to Australia.

Looking for jobs in Australia

Before buying your one-way ticket and getting your visa validated, you may be required to furnish the proof of a job offer in Australia. Even if you are just beginning to consider a work visa in Australia, checking out some popular Aussie job websites is generally a good idea, because you will get a glimpse of the Australian job market and assess your chances of finding a job here. Here are some websites helping you find a job in Australia, to mention just a few:

What jobs are in demand in Australia

Australia’s job market is in a continuous development and here you will find job opportunities that you may not encounter in other parts of the world. You can get an idea of what jobs are in demand by looking for ads on recruitment websites and also by checking lists of jobs from the Australian Government, such as the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). Lists for certain areas of the country are available, as well, like the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list 2014 – 2015.

Based on these inventories, the most dynamic industries in Australia, offering the largest numbers of jobs, are:

  • Finance, Accountancy and Banking;
  • Architecture and Construction;
  • Education;
  • Contact Centres and Office Support;
  • Sales and Marketing;
  • Pharmacy and Healthcare;
  • Procurement;
  • Manufacturing and Operations;
  • Oil & Gas and Energy;
  • Plumbing;
  • Logistics;
  • Information Technology;
  • Human Resources;
  • Insurance;
  • Legal;
  • Engineering

Resume format to Australian Standards

No matter what industry you want to work in and what your qualifications are, resume writing has to be part of your skills. Writing a resume is the next step you need to take after identifying a short list of positions you are interested in. We advise you to check job ads first and get familiar with job requirements and keywords and afterwards write a professional resume.

In order to prepare your resume for applying to Australian jobs, you need to understand a few particularities of the Australian resume format. Here are some tips:

  • Use only British English in your Australian resume. For instance, use “organise” instead of “organize” and “centre” instead of “center”;
  • You don’t have to include a picture;
  • Do not include personal information such as date of birth, marital status, children, gender, religion, or race;
  • Always back up your achievements with supporting evidence, otherwise your professional experience will not be perceived as authentic;
  • Tailor your resume for every job you apply to. This means emphasizing those skills and qualifications that are relevant for the job and incorporating in your resume the duties listed in the job advertisement. In this way you will address exactly what the employer wants and promote yourself as the ideal candidate for the job;
  • Place contact details at the top of the page and include name, address, phone number and telephone. Choose email addresses which sound professionally;
  • Writing an executive summary is not compulsory, but it will make your resume stand out from the crowd. Consider your Australian resume a marketing document that needs to promote you efficiently and you will understand why you need to attract the recruiter’s attention within seconds;
  • Eliminate any phrase that doesn’t contain factual information, such as “My goal is to develop my skills in a professional environment in order to benefit both myself and my employer”;
  • Use a reverse chronological order when describing your career history. Choose this structure to give details about each role: job title, employer, dates, accomplishments, and evidence including numbers;
  • Provide information about your previous employers if you come from abroad. Supposed you have worked for the biggest bank in your country, since your Australian employer is not familiar with companies overseas he or she will not be able to assess your experience correctly. Help the hiring manager understand your previous roles without needing to do additional research;
  • Your Australian resume length should vary between two pages for entry level candidates to a maximum of five pages for experienced professionals.

Does your resume reflect your skills and qualifications?

Learning how to write a resume in a new format is another extra care you don’t need when starting a new life or choosing to work in Australia temporarily. The good news is that you can call to the services of professional resume writers like those from Resume Services Australia. We offer you an initial telephone consultation to gather all the necessary data about your professional accomplishments and qualifications and afterwards spend hours crafting for you a resume that distinctly showcases your skills and achievements and helps you get noticed by Australian employers. Check our resume examples and imagine a similar professional resume for you, helping you secure your Australian dream job!

We help you get shortlisted by highlighting your best assets and at the same time we make sure that your resume fits both the Australian format requirements and the specific demands of the job you are applying for. All you need to do is focus on job hunting and making a smooth transition to Australia. Leave your new resume in our hands and use your spare time to relax instead of researching and working hard to comply with Australian resume writing requirements. We guarantee a professional result!

Don’t forget about your cover letter either!

Nowadays many employers also require a cover letter. Writing a cover letter is a crucial part of any Australian job application. Here is why you need an Australian cover letter from Resume Services Australia:

  • It adds focus to your resume and it can offer details that are not included in your resume;
  • It helps you promote your skills and achievements in accordance with job requirements and in a professional manner;
  • Writing a cover letter shows you have paid special attention to the position you are applying for;
  • You can start your cover letter with a catchy phrase that will grab the hiring manager’s attention and make them more likely to see as you as the ideal candidate;
  • It allows you to express your personality and inspire professionalism at the same time;
  • It reinforces the impression that you have tailored you application especially for that job instead of sending dozens of identical resumes to various employers.

What a cover letter must include

There is specific information you need to include in a cover letter, even if you have more freedom to improvise compared to your resume. Writing a good cover letter is both science and art and you need to include the following elements into this document:

  • The parts of a cover letter should all be recognizable: contact information, a salutation, the body of the cover letter, the closing, and your signature;
  • The body of the cover letter should have three paragraphs. In the first one, you mention why you are writing; in the middle paragraph, you specifically show what you have to offer to the employer and in the final paragraph you offer information about how you will follow-up;
  • Mentioning mutual contacts is also a good example of what you can include in a cover letter;
  • Use storytelling if the position you are applying for is not very formal. You can relate your interest for the job with an anecdote or a life experience;
  • Include a summary of your career in the beginning. Continue with examples supporting your qualifications;
  • Avoid using the exact wording as in the job advertisement, but do include keywords

At Resume Services Australia, we use the career information you provide us with and craft original cover letters, specifically aimed at the job you are applying for. By entrusting your resume and cover letter to our professional resume writers, your job application will help you secure the position you are interested in.


The services that Resume Services Australia can offer

Because we focus on writing new compelling resumes for each and every person calling to our services, at Resume Services Australia we offer industry specific professional resumes. Our resumes are grouped by those jobs which are in high demand in Australia:

  • Accounting Resumes;
  • Administration Resumes;
  • Banking & Finance Resumes;
  • Construction Resumes;
  • Customer Service Resumes;
  • Engineering Resumes;
  • IT Resumes;
  • Mining Resumes;
  • Nursing Resumes;
  • Professional & Management Resumes;
  • Trades and Services Resumes.

Furthermore, we offer resumes for various career stages, from Entry Level and Graduate Resumes to Executive Resumes for senior professionals.

Other services we provide job seekers with are LinkedIn Profile Writing, selection criteria writing and cover letter writing.

Our process is simple and straightforward:

  1. We discuss your career direction and resume requirements during an initial telephone consultation;
  2. You optionally send us your existing resume, if you have one;
  3. We draft the first version and ask for your opinion;
  4. We send you the final documents.

All you have to do is apply for your dream job with a professional resume and cover letter from Resume Services Australia and you will significantly increase your chances of landing an interview. Our dedicated professional writers are familiar with the Australian job market requirements and will help you start working in Australia without the hassle of getting the Australian resume format right.

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With professional resume writers located across Australia, our team of career experts, possess extensive knowledge and offer an extensive array of industry experience.

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With professional resume writers located across Australia, our team of career experts, possess extensive knowledge and offer an extensive array of industry experience.

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