One of the most direct questions an interviewer can ask is “Why should we hire you?” This is also the most difficult question as it requires you to be very persuasive and highlight the main advantages the employer will enjoy by selecting you.

Giving the right answer means you have closed the deal and can expect positive feedback in a short time.

Here are some tips helping you come up with a great answer:

Give the kind of answer that helps the interviewer get rid of their fears about hiring you
The interviewer’s professional reputation and possibly, income, depends on the choices they make. A candidate who doesn’t fit well and performs poorly also puts the hiring manager in a bad light. Convince the interviewer you are the best person for the position and once they imagine the CEO being happy and grateful for their excellent choice, you’ll be very close to getting the job.

Show you can fulfill the most important requirements
The job description and the information you find out during the interview should help you determine the employer’s biggest wants. Take note of the requirements you can fulfill and use them to prepare your answer. It’s recommendable to focus on desirable requirements – they often make the difference between a positive and negative interview outcome.

Display a unique combination of qualifications
There may be many candidates with good customer service skills, but what if you made this common asset more valuable by adding demonstrated leadership and managerial skills? Give a new turn to standard answers and find something that sets you apart from the competition.

Be confident and enthusiastic
Remember the hiring manager’s fears? They’ll vanish within seconds if you manage to transmit positive feelings. Even if you have to fake your confidence a little, you’ll make a good impression. It’s vital that you display the right attitude and attract the interviewer’s goodwill.

Phrases you can use

No ideas on how to sound very convincing? Try these phrases (make sure you add your skills, qualifications and assets):
-“I’m confident I will perform very well in this role”
– “I felt like the job description was written with me in mind”
– “I am passionate about this industry”
– “My ability to … makes me a great fit for your company”
– “I have a reputation for always…”
– “history of success”
– “proven expertise”
– “my successful background in…”

Phrases your should avoid

You should also be aware of clichés or ineffective language that needs to be avoided if you want to ace your next job interview:
• “I’ve always wanted to work in this industry”
• “I have excellent communication skills”
• “I am the perfect candidate”
• “I really want this job”
• “hard-working”
• “reliable”
• “teamplayer”

It’s time you stopped fearing this question and prepared your answer in advance. “Why should we hire you?” is very common in job interviews, and no matter how redundant you think your answer may be after already going through your qualifications and accomplishments, give your best and provide a confident and effective answer.