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Are you a call centre operative, receptionist, sales or retail assistant?  If you’re looking for your next exciting role, or seeking promotion within the Customer Service area, it is crucial that your resume represents the very best of your skills and experience.  Your customer service resume must be polished and professional.  Securing an interview is the key to getting your next role, and enlisting the services of our dedicated, professional team of resume writers can help ensure your resume is up to a high standard.

Customer Service roles are required within a vast number of industries including retail, call centres, reception, sales, and other areas.  We can create a unique individually tailored resume to highlight your expertise, capabilities and achievements, in order to meet the expectations of Australian Employers. Our expert team possess extensive experience within the Customer Service field, and we can help you get that dream job or promotion.

Customer Service representatives have a vital role in any company because they represent the interface with the public; they have a substantial influence on the organisation’s reputation and branding efforts. Excellent Customer Services officers are sought after in a variety of industries and a huge job growth potential has been reported in this field.

Your resume is the first contact between you and your prospective employer, so you need to take time to showcase your skills, past experience and successes. Why not leave it to the professionals and call to the services of Resume Services Australia? Our team of professional writers will create for you a compelling resume which includes all the industry-specific keywords that are used with automated filtering tools. At the same time, we will organise information efficiently so that any recruiter can identify your top skills and achievements after just skimming your resume.

A good Customer Service representative is never short of accomplishments and we know what kind of information to showcase, even if it does not seem obvious in the first place: improving customer satisfaction rankings, training other workers, repeatedly being requested by customers and many other assets.

We write professional resumes that distinctly showcase your capabilities, qualifications and accomplishments. We know how to comply with best practices and industry requirements while creating that outstanding resume that helps you Get Noticed!

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Customer Service representatives are in high demand due to their vital role in any company. We will create for you a professional resume which presents you as the ideal Customer Service candidate.

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Our Resumes Include

  • Highlight Your Skillset

    We will tailor a successful resume that will blend your professional profile with your preferred role, industry and unique abilities
  • Targeted Cover Letter

    We will write a concise and well structured, dynamic customised cover letter specifically targeted to the position you are applying to
  • Correct Layout & Formatting

    We ensure that the layout and formatting is correct so that your resume gets through recruiting filtering software for job vacancies
  • Keyword Optimised

    Our intended keyword strategy will ensure that your resume is “targeted” by filtering software automation processes for words related to certain vacancies
  • Our Aim

    Our aim is to present you as a whole so that any potential employer or company, will see you as an unparalleled asset