A career transition can be a huge decision. For many people, making a career change is difficult with some preferring not to risk it. Employees can feel unhappy and dissatisfied with their jobs every day which can lead to other complications within their personal lives. They may begin with asking information about a Resume Writing Service and once they take a closer look at their careers, they start considering greater changes than just updating their resumes.

If you feel tempted to move forward with your career, keep on reading and see whether the change you are considering is a good choice or not. First of all, let’s find out if you really need a career change.

How do you know you need to change your career?

Few people are lucky enough to love their work every single moment and feel passionate about their job under all circumstances. On the other hand, feeling exhausted and depleted by your work all the time, should be a serious warning signal that you must not ignore. Too many people dread Monday, and this seems to be a widespread syndrome in our culture. Here are other signs telling you that you need to transition to a different role:

  • You feel that your abilities could be used in a better way and create more impact;
  • After doing everything others expected from you as a professional, you are still not satisfied with the results;
  • Not even the money your earn can’t compensate anymore for the emptiness you feel;
  • You always lack energy;
  • You feel jealous of other people’s jobs;
  • Your job is affecting your confidence and self-esteem.

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The advantages of career transition

If the decision to make a career change is slowly gaining more momentum and becomes priority, start getting used to the idea of giving it all up and take courage in the benefits you’ll enjoy.

First of all, the change will have an almost instant positive effect on your morale. You will probably feel freed from past troubles and ready to embrace novelty. Some people even enjoy improved health after switching to a different job!

Making a career change can help you overcome an identity crisis and start a new, happier period of your life. It can also bring new friends, as you will be entering a different environment having a more open attitude.

In the end, a new career can also mean more money. When you love your job, your performance often improves, you deliver more value to your employee or your clients, and you are closer to promotions or more advantageous contracts.

Difficulties experienced by workers redefining their careers

In each situation there is a reverse of the medal, though. Career transitioning can come with some difficulties as well. In the excitement of changing your life, you might make mistakes such as not updating your skills and education, not examining all possibilities, and confusing hating your current job with hating your current career.

Assessing accurately the risks of career change is what makes transitioning so difficult, after all, and you should entrust this task to experts, such as the experienced consultants from Resume Services Australia. Career coaches are aware of all aspects of career transition in Australia and can question you in areas you wouldn’t have considered and gently point to both fears you should leave behind and serious risks you mustn’t overlook. One takes the decision to change your career with their heart, but needs to assess risks with their mind. A good consultant will understand your desire to make a change, and at the same time will perform a comprehensive analysis of your professional status and prospects.

What are transferable skills and how can you use them to attain a successful transition?

A critical strategy that all job-seekers should use is showcasing transferable skills. Transferable skills are general abilities that you can use in a variety of jobs and which allow you to beresume services australia flexible and adapt to a different working place or profession.  Transferable skills include foreign languages, research, communication, negotiation, time management, leadership, organization, problem solving, analytical thinking, and the ability to motivate people, among others. If all you did until now was to simply list these skills in the “Other qualifications” section of your resume, it’s high time you changed your approach. The secret of using transferable skills as a powerful career transitioning weapon is providing examples of how you have used those skills in past jobs. Recruiters will be impressed and make a better idea of how you may perform at your next job. By adding some extra training that prepares you for a new, different role, you will be very close to securing the job you have been dreaming of.

You don’t have to take care of all things by yourself! Get help from career experts!

Is the risk of changing your career worth it? It’s a tough question that you cannot answer out of hand. The experts at Resume Services Australia will not only craft for you a compelling new resume that highlights your transferable skills, but can also offer advice or guidance on your future career. Our consultants are knowledgeable about the Australian job market and can accurately assess your strengths and opportunities in order to guide you towards those industries or sectors where you can become professionally successful.

Reading this article and questioning about the benefits and risks of changing your career is the first step towards being happier at your workplace. By asking for professional advice, you should be able to minimize the majority of risks associated with career transition and get the most out of every single workday!

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