Career advice you shouldn’t take

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Career advice you shouldn't take

With so many career resources available on the internet, it’s impossible not to run into contradictory advice: “Follow the money” and “Do what you love”, or “Don’t be a job hopper” and “Quit if you are not happy with your job”. Some of these pieces of advice can even be detrimental to your career. Not every suggestion will do you … Read More

Professional resume writer – should I hire a professional resume writer in Australia?

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The importance of hiring a professional resume writer is to ensure that you have a quality resume as this is one of the most important career tools. Your resume is your tool to brand and advertise yourself, it is the most formal way of presenting yourself for an advertised job or even reverse marketing yourself. This is your opportunity to … Read More

10 things you shouldn’t do when looking for a job

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Have you ever wondered which job search secret ingredient you could be missing? Motivation and perseverance may not be enough to get you there; job hunting etiquette is vital. Being polite and approachable can make the difference between you and the average candidate. Here’s what you should avoid if you want to get your dream job: 1. Being late There … Read More

5 pieces of career advice for Millennials

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Millennials are the demographic cohort following Generation X; sociologists and commentators consider Millennials’ birth years to range between the early 1980s to the early 2000s. The syntagm Millennials is almost omnipresent in business environments nowadays, from market researches to human resources strategies. This generation has strong characteristics making it completely different from predecessors, such as narcissism, increased tolerance, delayed transition … Read More

Resume trends for you to adopt in 2016

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Have you made any New Year career resolutions for 2016? If you are planning to advance your career this year, your job hunting strategy should include updating your resume. And this should not mean just brushing it up and correcting a couple of typos; we recommend you to improve it significantly and make a difference by adopting these 2016 resume … Read More

Adding new professional qualifications to your resume

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When was the last time you added a new professional qualification to your resume? Upgrading your qualifications may seem like another worry or responsibility you need to take on your shoulders, preventing you from spending more leisure time. Is it worth the effort? We strongly believe that improving your professional assets will have a positive impact on your career and … Read More

How to brand yourself using your resume

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Your resume is one of the most powerful branding tools you can use and it often represents the first contact between you and a potential employer or client. This document must be so compelling that it will make the employer want to interview you immediately! Here are some tips on how to brand yourself effectively through your resume: Start with … Read More

The importance of maintaining a healthy work and lifestyle balance

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Although most blogs focus on resume writing and career advice, in this post we’ll address a different issue. However, today’s topic, how to maintain a healthy work and lifestyle balance, is well timed as we near the Christmas holiday season. This is a time when we reflect on the last year and what 2016 will hold for each of us. … Read More

The most common resume mistakes

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No matter how superb your abilities are or how extensive your work experience is, what gets you in the door first of all is your resume. Once you oversee a mistake and send the resume to your prospective employers, there is nothing you can do to fix the damage and make those typos disappear. So, next time you click “Send”, … Read More

Pre-interview research tips

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interview tips

One of the most common causes of failed job interviews is the lack of research. Knowing how to showcase your assets is top priority, but just speaking about yourself won’t get you the job. Interviewers like to see candidates who place their qualifications and skills in their company’ context and who can demonstrate the kind of value they will offer … Read More