Australian Job Search Survival Guide

Job search in Australia can be very difficult as the unemployment rate in has reached a 12-year high of 6.3% in 2014, even if thousands of new jobs were created. A large number of people are looking for work, and the Australian job seeker faces fierce competition. Under these circumstances, the Australian job search is currently harder now than it has been in the past ten years, even with the assistance of employment agencies.  At first sight, careers Australia and the job market trends, are not encouraging at all. Nevertheless, those armed with patience and implementing good job seeking practices can eventually find a way to get their dream job.

Our full Job Search Survival Guide covers the following most important job seeking aspects:

  • Statistics for various professions and industries
  • Where to look for job opportunities
  • A list of more than 100 job search engines
  • Reverse marketing
  • Sending applications via email
  • Responding to selection criteria
  • Writing cold emails

Before you start reading this guide, we would like to encourage you to apply to jobs enthusiastically in spite of the worrying statistics. We genuinely believe that a well-prepared and confident candidate will succeed to land interviews and get hired even if the job market is not particularly favourable at the present time.  This guide is aimed at increasing your chances of getting hired by showing you how to promote your qualifications and abilities and reach to prospective employers in the most efficient way.

Australian Job Market Statistics

Employment Research and Statistics may not be the most enjoyable part of job seeking, but this is a step you need to take especially if you are at the beginning of your career and you are not sure what industry or profession to choose. Skills shortages are another area where to look if you want to find your place in the Australian job market.

The fact that a certain industry employs the largest percentage of Australian workers is irrelevant if you don’t check skill shortages. For instance, a profession holding 1% of the entire job market may be a good option if the growth potential is high and there are not enough skilled workers whose qualifications and experience are relevant to the field.

Here are some other statistics you may find useful:
• 20% of all Australian workers have been with their current employer for less than one year, while 22% have been with their current employer for 10 years or more.
• 18% of all workers are aged 15-24 years, and 15% are aged over 55 years.
• The most common form of employment for the majority of Australian workers is permanent full or part time work.

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The complete Job Search Survival Guide E- Book

The complete Job Search Survival Guide E- Book is included with all Silver and Gold Packages purchased through Resume Services Australia. See a full list of our professional resume writing and other services.

Finding Job Opportunities

The most common place where jobseekers look for vacancies nowadays is job search sites such as SEEK, CareerOne, Indeed and Jobseeker just to name a few.  Statistics show that jobs in Brisbane appear to be the highest searched whilst jobs in Sydney and jobs in Melbourne are close behind.  Research shows that jobs in Adelaide are on the rise using job seeking websites as these are an extremely convenient and easy way.  The competition between online applications is very tough and some jobs are not advertised on these websites at all. In this case, it’s a good idea to try both traditional methods like newspaper ads, and innovations such as professional social networks.

The unadvertised job market is considered to be at least just as big as the advertised one, and if you want to ensure your access to those jobs, you will also benefit greatly from previous work experience, volunteering, and networking. Speculative applications where you promote yourself to employers before a vacancy becomes available is increasingly popular these days.

Reverse Marketing

Reverse marketing is a technique used by employment consultants who call companies and employers and promote their jobseekers to them. Jobseekers can market themselves to potential employers as well, without getting help from a consultant, although it takes a bit of courage to contact a stranger and promote yourself.

Reverse marketing is efficient because you don’t compete directly against hundreds of other candidates who also applied for a job online. Recruiters may not remember about a good online application but they will definitely remember someone who called to introduce themselves and these candidates very often reach the interview stage. Considering that many jobs are not advertised, employers have a positive attitude towards candidates who spare them of the efforts and costs of placing job advertisements and reviewing dozens of applications. In many cases, reverse marketing can be the only way you can reach your future employer.

How do I promote myself through reverse marketing?

It’s normal to feel nervous when you make a cold call and talk to a strange person.  Furthermore, cold calling is not just stressful, but also time consuming, so making a strategy before starting your reverse marketing campaign is crucial.  Feeling well-prepared will also make you sound more confident and reliable and will increase your chances of landing an interview.

How to send an application directly through emailJobseeker Guide

Sending an application online remains the fastest and most reliable channel used by jobseekers, with the mention that sending an application directly via email is more efficient than using an online job seeking platform.  When you apply online, you are competing against dozens if not hundreds of other candidates and your application may get lost. On the other hand, fewer jobseekers apply directly through email, which increases your chances of getting noticed and being invited to an interview. Email applications don’t guarantee your success though, unless you give it your best efforts and make sure you don’t oversee any typo or grammar mistake.

Sending cold emails

What is a cold email?

Cold emailing is a technique used in sales, which involves sending a message to people you don’t know, without being referred by friends, acquaintances, or other professionals in your network.  With emails, there is another risk – the recipient not opening the email, but at least you can prepare your message in advance and deliver it without being intimidated by your interlocutor and forgetting your most important points.

Selection Criteria using the STAR Method

Why is responding to selection criteria so important?

Selection criteria include skills, abilities, qualifications, expertise, and experience that employers expect from a candidate who is able to fulfil a role efficiently. These key criteria help organisations identify the right person for a position they are looking to fill. Job applications are assessed using selection criteria, and the candidate meeting these requirements to a larger degree is considered more suitable than others who meet fewer selection criteria.

To jobseekers, responding to selection criteria may seem just another trouble to deal with, but a well-prepared candidate should see things under a different light.

STAR Method Interview Technique

What’s the one secret to getting the job I want?

There is one thing that many jobseekers do wrong: not reviewing the entire application. Job seeking involves investing time and effort, but more than anything, persistence.  Job Search TechniquesWhen you are not persistent enough, results may never appear. Doing something is better than not doing anything, but it doesn’t guarantee success. There is plenty of career advice to be followed, there are some major aspects you may forget in spite of all the job seeking guides you have read.

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The complete Job Search Survival Guide E- Book

The complete Job Search Survival Guide E- Book is included with all Silver and Gold Packages purchased through Resume Services Australia. See a full list of our professional resume writing and other services.

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