Have you ever wondered which job search secret ingredient you could be missing? Motivation and perseverance may not be enough to get you there; job hunting etiquette is vital. Being polite and approachable can make the difference between you and the average candidate. Here’s what you should avoid if you want to get your dream job:

1. Being late
There is no excuse for arriving late at an interview. If you have to cross the town or come from a distance, plan ahead and even try a practice run before the big day. Getting lost and looking decomposed as you arrive 10 minutes later won’t grant you any points.

2. Checking your phone
Turn off all devices such as phones, PDAs and tablets before starting an interview. Nothing makes a worse impression than looking with one eye at the interviewer and with the other at the text message you have just received.

3. Not showing appreciation
Many jobseekers don’t acknowledge people they’ve met at interviews or industry events, not to mention sending thank you notes. Nevertheless, saying thank you and being respectful can represent a decisive factor and get you the job.

4. Not listening
After practicing your elevator speech the night before and researching the company thoroughly, you are probably talking nineteen to the dozen. The art of listening carefully is rarely mastered by most job seekers and these candidates are losing an amazing opportunity. Knowing how to listen can provide you the answers to many interview questions – some recruiters simply give away what they’d like to hear from you, so why not take advantage of this?

5. Overdoing it
Being too interested in a position can have the opposite effect. Dressing up, asking for feedback insistently, interrupting the person who is interviewing you or calling every day to ask about the hiring decision suggests that you are too desperate to get the job and will most likely cause them to reject your application.

6. Wasting the recruiter’s time
Human resources professionals are always busy and you won’t obtain a better result if you apply to the same job multiple times or you keep calling to ask for news.

7. Addressing your cover letter to a generic “Sir” or “Madam”
If you are really interested in a job, you can find the recruiter’s name and write to them directly; otherwise, the reader may feel offended.

8. Using work contact information
Avoid using your current work email or phone number during a job search. Using work resources for personal matters is inappropriate and nobody will hire you.

9. Not having a clean online presence
What does a Google search turn up about you? Check before your potential employer and make sure you get rid of unflattering photos and negative information.

10. Being selfish
If you keep thinking it’s a jungle out there, don’t be surprised if they bite you. Especially with networking, you need to help others if you want to be helped.

Remember that your skills and qualifications are not the only thing that matters when it comes to your career search; the kind of person you are may be the most important aspect for some employers.