Interview Coaching Service

$ 199.00

✔  1 Hour Consultation
✔  Job Specific Interview Questions
✔  Tailored Session




We have designed our Interview Coaching Service to prepare you for your job interview whilst helping to eliminate the undue stress.  Yes you will be nervous during this time however, we’re here to help you.  Our Interview Coaching Service is delivered by HR recruitment professionals, who have extensive knowledge of current recruitment practices including behavioural-based interviewing techniques.  Your interview coach will provide you with the right skills and knowledge so that you are well-prepared and able to present yourself confidently without the stress.

Our Interview Coaching process is efficient and generally requires about an hour of your time, and is based on the STAR method.  You need to plan and prepare for your job interview as there are other applicants trying to secure the same job, so this is your last chance to make an impact and impress the interviewer.  Consulting with a professional interview coach will allow you to focus on the important things which will allow you to answer difficult questions fluently and confidently.  By understanding the current job market, we are able to prepare questions and answers accordingly that are relevant to the industry or position you are seeking.

Plan, Prepare and be confident so that you can ace your next job interview!