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Do we use a cover letter template when completing documents for our clients?  Absolutely not!  Writing a cover letter is an essential part of any job application and if you really want the best possible chance ofWhy you should choose Resume Services Australia getting short-listed for a job interview, hire the services of a professional writer.  Your cover letter should add focus to your resume and can be instrumental in helping your resume catch the employers eye. The opening statement of your cover letter has to immediately grab the attention of any potential employer within the first sentence.  A well written cover letter is regarded just as important as your resume in making a positive first impression and needs to be quickly absorbed. Your aim is to engage a prospective employer so that you increase your chances of landing a job interview.

Your cover letter can say what your resume can’t and is a key part of your job seeking marketing package.  It presents your strengths in accordance with the job requirements in an appealing and professional format.Resume Services Australia

How to match your cover letter to the job description is the most common question that people applying to a job ask themselves.  The answer is keywords.  By naturally using the same keywords as the job advertisement you will be able to pass the filters of automated tools and also to appeal more to the human reader.  Furthermore, if you need just one resume version for a certain type of job, things are completely different with cover letters.  A resume offers you less freedom of movement when it comes to matching your profile to the job description, while the cover letter is the perfect tool for highlighting your strengths and those skills which are relevant to the position you are applying for. A cover letter is extremely helpful especially when you make a career change, because it allows you to showcase your transferable skills and abilities.

Not including a cover letter with your application is missing an essential personal marketing tool and looking like you don’t really want the job. Writing a professional, attention-grabbing cover letter suggests you have paid special attention to the position you are applying for. You need to maintain this positive impression with a catchy beginning of the cover letter and to continue with original and concise content that will make the recruiter consider you the ideal candidate.

Remember, first impressions count so the primary focus needs to be on what you could contribute to the organisation, instead of what you expect from the organisation.  A great cover letter should demonstrate your understanding of the job position and the organisation in which you are applying for.  Regardless of whether you are a graduate or executive, the importance of a cover letter cannot be overstated as it tells the employer the type of position you’re seeking and how your skills and experience suit that position.  In choosing between applicants, employers will immediately identify your core skills or competencies. This is why it is so crucial to captivate the reader as you have very little time to make a good impression which could prove to be the difference between landing an interview and trying again.

Once again, we know how important to tailor your cover letter specifically to the job you are applying for.  Our cover letter writing service will craft you a professional, concise and well structured cover letter that will be specifically targeted for the position you’re applying for.  Our professional writers know how to write a cover letter that helps you Get Noticed instantly. Check our sample cover letters and imagine how compelling your job application will become after working with us.

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Our Entry Level Cover Letters provide a clear, well structured introduction for your application.  Our Entry Level Cover Letter will provide a basic understanding of your skills acquired during your entry level employment.  Suitable for high school students and those with up to 12 months work experience in total and no formal qualifications.

Preparing a highly targeted and personalised cover letter, is a fantastic start for your application to your new career.  With minimal experience in your chosen field, it is paramount to respond to the requirements of the advertised position.  Resume Services Australia have professional writers, who are experienced in tailoring resumes for graduates to ensure you Get Noticed.  Recommended for graduates with less than 2 years work experience.


Resume Services Australia offer a professional, concise and well structured, dynamic tailored cover letter specifically targeted for Trades & Services.  Suitable for workers in the Trades & Services industry including Builders, Plumbers, Electricians or Hairdressers, who require a well-written tailored cover letter to capture the attention of employers.  

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Resume Services Australia will create a concise and well structured, Professional/Management tailored cover letter, intentionally targeted for Career Specific employment.  A good cover letter requires strategy and industry research, in order to target the position you wish to apply for and can set you apart from other intended job applicants.  Suitable for individuals with more than 2 years’ work experience in management, team leader, supervisory roles and other professional positions across all occupations and industries.

Our Executive Cover Letters are superior written, researched and prepared to gain the attention of prospective companies and recruiters’.  With a powerful introduction, we will highlight your specific skills and accomplishments that are uniquely suitable for the job.   We are sure to gain the attention of the reader and stand you out from other applicants in pursue of the same job.  Suitable for individuals applying for executive positions, project management, business consultants and IT.

One of the most important rules about writing cover letters, particularly for a resume, is to avoid making it generic.  An effective cover letter can be a valuable asset particularly when it’s tailored to the role.  If you do wish to use a generic cover letter, make sure you personalise it to the particular job position you are applying for.  Our generic cover letter does not target the job position advertised.  Suitable for individuals expressing interest for non-advertised roles. 

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