Career advice you shouldn’t take

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Career advice you shouldn't take

With so many career resources available on the internet, it’s impossible not to run into contradictory advice: “Follow the money” and “Do what you love”, or “Don’t be a job hopper” and “Quit if you are not happy with your job”. Some of these pieces of advice can even be detrimental to your career. Not every suggestion will do you … Read More

Professional resume writer – should I hire a professional resume writer in Australia?

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Resume Services Australia

The importance of hiring a professional resume writer is to ensure that you have a quality resume as this is one of the most important career tools. Your resume is your tool to brand and advertise yourself, it is the most formal way of presenting yourself for an advertised job or even reverse marketing yourself. This is your opportunity to … Read More

10 things you shouldn’t do when looking for a job

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Have you ever wondered which job search secret ingredient you could be missing? Motivation and perseverance may not be enough to get you there; job hunting etiquette is vital. Being polite and approachable can make the difference between you and the average candidate. Here’s what you should avoid if you want to get your dream job: 1. Being late There … Read More

Biggest challenges for the Australian jobseeker

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The average Australian jobseeker prospects are not some of the best at the current moment and there are big challenges for the Australian jobseeker. Although thousands of new jobs have been created lately, the unemployment rate in Australia has reached a 13-year high of 6.4% in January 2015. There were around 795,200 unemployed people in Australia at the beginning of … Read More

7 of the most common mistakes that jobseekers make

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Do you feel like something went wrong after each job interview, but you can’t tell what it really was? Nobody’s perfect, and every hiring manager analysing your job application has done at least one of the following mistakes in their past. The question is: are you guilty of the most common job seeking don’ts? 1. Relying just on online job … Read More