7 of the most common mistakes that jobseekers make

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Do you feel like something went wrong after each job interview, but you can’t tell what it really was? Nobody’s perfect, and every hiring manager analysing your job application has done at least one of the following mistakes in their past. The question is: are you guilty of the most common job seeking don’ts? 1. Relying just on online job … Read More

How important is rèsumè presentation?

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The very first thing that catches a recruiter’s eye is your resume’s presentation. A well-written resume with a poor design may pass unnoticed, preventing you from being called to job interviews. Aside from submitting a job application that has a neat appearance and is eye-catchy, you’ll also need to make sure it stands out from the crowd and doesn’t look … Read More

Do I need to have my LinkedIn URL on my rèsumè?

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The answer is YES! Making it easier for the recruiter to research you online will definitely offer you a significant advantage and increase your chances of being selected for an interview. LinkedIn is so important nowadays, that many jobseekers choose to omit their physical address but not their LinkedIn URL! If at its beginnings the LinkedIn profile looked like an … Read More

The advantages of career transition

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Resume Services Australia Career Change

A career transition can be a huge decision. For many people, making a career change is difficult with some preferring not to risk it. Employees can feel unhappy and dissatisfied with their jobs every day which can lead to other complications within their personal lives. They may begin with asking information about a Resume Writing Service and once they take … Read More