How to answer “Why should we hire you?” at your interview

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How to answer "Why should we hire you?" at your interview

One of the most direct questions an interviewer can ask is “Why should we hire you?” This is also the most difficult question as it requires you to be very persuasive and highlight the main advantages the employer will enjoy by selecting you. Giving the right answer means you have closed the deal and can expect positive feedback in a … Read More

What to consider when writing a resume for the first time

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The web abounds in resume writing advice and many beginners or entry-level candidates with little work experience feel disoriented with the large amount of information. Writing your first resume comes with different challenges compared to writing a resume for an experienced, senior-level professional. Here’s what you should keep in mind when writing a resume for the first time: Getting started … Read More

Is a LinkedIn profile important for entry level employees?

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Many entry-level employees deny themselves access to powerful tools such as LinkedIn considering they don’t have the right work experience to be there. This is the usual scenario: new graduates or people looking for their first job sign up for LinkedIn, connect to several acquaintances from school, and feel overwhelmed with the large number of connections and the outstanding profiles … Read More

What are the key areas to writing a stand out mining and construction resume?

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What are the key areas to writing a stand out mining and construction resume?

Mining and construction represent traditional industries in Australia, and they are well-known for contributing to a large share of the Australian economy and encouraging immigration – mining currently employs 2.2% of the total work force. The industry has been suffering a significant shortage of skilled labour since 2007, which makes it a good choice for many Australian job seekers. If … Read More

What is the importance of a well structured nursing resume?

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What is the importance of a well-structured nursing resume?

Nursing is one of the most dynamic job market sectors in Australia, and the large number of agencies dedicated to nurses confirms this fact. Competition in the Australian healthcare industry is intense, and job candidates are increasingly better prepared to compete against other applicants who are interested in the same positions. The good news for you and any other nurse … Read More

Signs you shouldn’t apply to a job

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The more jobs you apply to, the higher your chances of getting hired – sounds plausible, right? Here are some signs you shouldn’t apply to a job. Truth is that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to job hunting. And quality doesn’t refer just to your job application, which includes your resume, the cover letter, and responding … Read More

Inappropriate or illegal interview questions

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It’s common for employers to try to find out as much information as possible about you during job interviews; nevertheless, looking to get hired doesn’t mean you should disclose your entire background and your personal life or that you are asked inappropriate or illegal interview questions. Getting ready for a job interview also means being able to distinguish between a … Read More

Biggest challenges for the Australian jobseeker

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The average Australian jobseeker prospects are not some of the best at the current moment and there are big challenges for the Australian jobseeker. Although thousands of new jobs have been created lately, the unemployment rate in Australia has reached a 13-year high of 6.4% in January 2015. There were around 795,200 unemployed people in Australia at the beginning of … Read More

Benefits of getting professional career assistance

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There are benefits of getting professional career assistance. Whether you are unemployed or not happy with your current position, finding the ideal workplace is not an easy job. Most people take the matter in their own hands, while others call to the services of career professionals, looking to make job search a bit easier. We get help from professionals with … Read More

5 ways to keep your LinkedIn profile active

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Resume? – Checked! Job websites accounts? – Checked! LinkedIn profile? – Checked! This scenario is common for most jobseekers – they write their resume, they create several accounts on job portals so they can apply online, and they also set up a LinkedIn profile, because everyone is doing it nowadays and “it helps with networking”. What’s wrong about this? Truth … Read More