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It’s a tougher job market these days, and regardless of whether you’re a fully qualified accountant or starting out as a bookkeeper; it can be difficult to overcome the hurdles put in your way.  Your resume is the key to opening the door to interviews and securing your next accounting role. Enlisting the help of a dedicated, professional team of resume writers can give you the boost you need. Accounting is a diverse field, involving financial analysis, cost control, auditing, bookkeeping and more. There is no one size fits all – and that’s where we can help.

Our professional resume service takes the ambiguity out of creating a unique resume that not only highlights your expertise, capabilities and achievements, but is also individually tailored to meet recruiters’ expectations.  We will ensure to showcase your experience and competencies in the accounting field using industry keywords and phrases that will help guarantee you stand out to employers!  Our aim is to craft and design a resume that gives you the best possible chance of landing your dream accounting job.

Many organisations that advertise jobs online have a large response to job openings.  To successfully deal with the huge volume of resumes, automated recruitment software is used, as these programs filter applications automatically based on given criteria which include keywords and experience.  When crafting your professional resume, we ensure to incorporate keywords and phrases relating to the profession.  This will highlight the relevancy and satisfy the programmed perimeters set within the software to select your resume and gain the attention of the potential employer.

With our professionally crafted resumes, you won’t miss any career opportunity and you will be able to land interviews in any business sector. We know how diverse the possibilities of a skilled accountant like you are and we enclose in your new resume every element that matters and helps you Get Noticed: skills, education, certifications, areas of expertise and achievements. At the same time, we organise information efficiently and we emphasize the assets that present you as an invaluable resource for your future employer and for their company’s financial health.

Tell us all about your accounting experience and we will offer your future employer the information they need to see you as the ideal candidate. We focus both on keywords that recruiters identify with the help of special software and on readability; anyone taking a look at your resume will get a grasp of your value within a blink of an eye.

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Accounting Resume

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Our Resumes Include

  • Highlight Your Skillset

    We will tailor a successful resume that will blend your professional profile with your preferred role, industry and unique abilities
  • Targeted Cover Letter

    We will write a concise and well structured, dynamic customised cover letter specifically targeted to the position you are applying to
  • Correct Layout & Formatting

    We ensure that the layout and formatting is correct so that your resume gets through recruiting filtering software for job vacancies
  • Keyword Optimised

    Our intended keyword strategy will ensure that your resume is “targeted” by filtering software automation processes for words related to certain vacancies
  • Our Aim

    Our aim is to present you as a whole so that any potential employer or company, will see you as an unparalleled asset

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